Nancy is an interior designer with over 24 years of experience in helping people solve design dilemmas and challenges without breaking the bank. Having decorated hundreds of homes in different parts of the country she has worked with many styles and budgets, from the very humble homes to multi-million dollar mansions.

Each house has it own charm and points of interest that must be identified and highlighted.

Each house also has its own challenges…whether it is architectural or the budget…they all can be dealt with.

There is no reason to throw out everything you have and start new! Those items you have may have a sentimental value to you…they were in your family…or you remember making that purchase after saving your money for so long, or it must makes you feel great to look at it…whatever the reason, let’s see how you can use that item, re-use that item, or tweak that item to be more updated. The ideas are endless so don’t give up…and don’t toss it out!

Don’t be intimidated! It’s fun! It’s easy! It is very do-able! Let’s get started!