Find the Right Wall Color

Posted by Nancy on Aug 14, 2011 in Color Your World, Design It Yourself | No Comments

So you have decided to paint your walls. Great! Where do you begin in selecting the right color? Here is the process to help you get the look you want and not make a mistake.

  • If possible, always select any rug or fabric before you select your paint color. There are thousands of paint options but finding the right fabric or rug design, color, size, costs, etc. is a lot more difficult.
  • If you have a rug or fabrics that will remain in the room, use those as your inspiration point. Select a color in the fabric or rug that you love and would give you the feel you want. (See articles on this website that address different colors and moods they create.)
  • Pick up some free paint strips that you think may work at your paint store. Each strip generally has more than one shade of a color to help in deciding intensity. It is easier if you can take some of the fabric with you to match. Bring home the strips and lay them on the rug or fabric.
  • Once you have narrowed down your selections to several, purchase samples of each color option. If a small sample bottle is not available, purchase a pint size.
  • Take poster board purchased from a crafts store, office supply store, drug store or grocery store. On the shiny side of a board, write the name of the paint, manufacturer, finish and number. For example, “Benjamin Moore  “American Heartland”  #197  latex eggshell”.
  • Using an inexpensive disposable sponge paint brush, paint the poster board on the non-shiny side. Let dry 5-10 minutes and paint a second coat. Allow to dry several hours or overnight.
  • Now you can move the poster board around behind different furniture and on different walls to see how it looks. Put it beside your door and window trim to get the contrast. Tape it to the walls and see what you think. It is a smarter “test” than painting splotches on the wall that you can’t move around and have to eventually mask when you do paint the walls.
  • Check it in different lighting situations — morning light, evening with the glow of sunsets, night time with artificial lighting (light bulbs), sunny days and rainy days.
  • If you need to “doctor” the paint to get it just right, the paint store will help you make the adjustment. Most paint stores will adjust a quart of paint for free to re-test on a sample board.

This simple process can eliminate a lot of headaches and financial costly mistakes of selecting the wrong color. Instead of an “Oh NO!!” reaction, let’s create an “Oh Wow! How perfect!” reaction!

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