My No-Fail Color!

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When a room lacks warmth, the quickest way to make a huge change is to warm up the walls with paint! You get the biggest “bang for the buck” with simple wall paint. It adds color, warmth, contrast, and  loads of personality!

Do you want to know what my never-fail wall color is? My favorite warm neutral wall paint is Benjamin Moore “Monroe Bisque” #HC-26. It’s perfect!

“Monroe Bisque” goes with everything! Blues, reds, greens, golds, oranges, black, navy, white…the list goes on. It is a subtle shade of a light brown with enough contrast to highlight against the trim, but not enough to turn a room into a cave.

When you look at paint samples of  light browns, you will notice that some have hints of green, or orange, or yellow, or pink, or gray. Monroe Bisque does not have those hints of other colors. It is a pure neutral.  It looks good in natural and artificial lighting.

The color works with traditional and contemporary furnishings. It appeals to young and old, men and women. It is truly a great go-to color!

If you think it is too much contrast, it can be lightened with the addition of white paint at the paint store, but I have not found a single time that it was too dark. It is a soft, subtle shade that I absolutely adore!

This is also the color I recommend for realtors or homeowners preparing their house for sale. It will work with any potential buyer’s furnishings. Take the same wall color throughout the house. Start at the foyer and go up the stairwell, into the hallways, family rooms, even into the kitchen, dining room, bathrooms, any room in the house. This is perfect for an open floor plan where so many rooms are visible from other rooms. It keeps from chopping up the visual flow and works well in formal or casual settings.

If you are one of those homeowners that wants to change boring white wall color to something warmer but afraid of too much change, this is your color. You’ll be amazed at the difference!

Go ahead! It will give you a big change and a start adding more personality to your room!

Kay P FR

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