Blue Skies

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Have you ever noticed how you feel when you see a blue sky? It makes one want to stay outside and enjoy the day. Imagine having that blue sky surround you in your home. It might give you the energy to tackle daily chores or simply curl up and read!

Whether painting the walls in your room or having white walls with blue furnishings, you can create a stunning mood regardless of the specific blue you select.

There are numerous shades,  just like there are numerous shades of blue in the world around us. Blues are calming, soothing colors. They can be light, airy, and ethereal, or they can be darker and mysterious. Find the shade and the mood that appeal to you!

Spa blue and turquoise blue are especially popular colors now. Both have a lot of green in them. Spa blue is called that because of its relaxing quality, leading it to be used often in spas. The color was initially created in the 18th century when they used to make it by pouring acids on copper and using the verdigris as the pigment for the paint. Over time, new variations have been created and it continues to be popular.

Light blues are great in bedrooms.They create a peaceful tone that makes it easier to fall asleep. Bathrooms are also beautiful in this soft blue, as is the familiar nursery color.

Dining rooms done in this type of light blue can be a beautiful backdrop to dark, mahogany furniture. Gorgeous!

Silvery blues look elegant and sophisticated. Add mirrored surfaces and silver frames and vases and your room says pure elegance. Ahhhh.

Dark blues are strong and can be great in masculine rooms with camel, sage green, or red. Or pair dark blues with lime green, bright yellow or orange and the room takes a contemporary tone. White trim makes a beautiful contrast with dark blue walls. Striking!

Medium blues, like military blue, is stunning with white trim and bursts of bright yellow or red scattered around the room. It provides a very clean look. Also great for kids!

Turquoise blue, like the stone, looks great with Southwestern colors of terracottas, greens, golds, and browns. Or pair them with melon or peach colors, or a bright hot pink for a tropical flair. If contemporary is your style, put black or dark brown with your turquoise, perhaps in bold stripes or geometrics. Or try polka dots! How fun!

Can’t make up your mind which blue you like? Try a combination of various shades of blue like the Caribbean. Shades of water and ocean and skies!

All blues are cool colors so they recede on the walls. This means the walls seem to back up, or recede. That can make a room appear larger. When selecting your blue from the paint options at the paint store, always go lighter than you think from the paint chip. Also remember that a blue can look more gray on the strip until you get it on the wall. (Remember, do the paint sample board for best results!)

And don’t forget light blue ceilings! Beautiful! Legend has it that it that a light blue ceiling on a porch keeps the spirits away. I prefer to think it allows one to always have blue skies!

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