Seeing Red!

Posted by Nancy on Jul 10, 2011 in Color Your World | One Comment

Ever notice how a little bit of red makes a statement? How red lipstick can add immediate sexiness to a black dress? Or perhaps a pair of red heels with that black dress…or pair of jeans? It doesn’t take much to add flair!

That is the way red works in a room. A little goes a long way. A punch of red color in throw pillows or accessories can complete a room very quickly. The bookshelves under this stairwell are highlighted by painting them red. Family photos are framed in red to continue the theme.

Dining rooms are perfect places to have red walls. Red is such a stimulating color that it keeps conversation lively! That’s just what your dinner party needed!

I love painting ceilings in home bars red! It gives that unexpected burst of energy and just says fun! Isn’t that what a bar should say?

Be careful when matching red to Oriental rugs. Often the rugs have more of a brick red which has a lot of brown and orange in it. Cherry red or fire engine red is much more a blue-red. Select your fabrics and accessories so that you don’t have reds fighting each other! Sounds like a bull fight!

Earthy reds, those with brown tones, generally are easier to live with. If red is your favorite color, go with it. Start with doses of red and build up to the amount you want. What makes you feel good may likely make others feel wired. Select rooms where people generally don’t stay long and you will have a happier environment.



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