Green, Green Grass of Home

Posted by Nancy on Jul 10, 2011 in Color Your World | No Comments

Green is the primary color of nature. Rain forest. Woods. Garden plants. First signs of spring!

This soothing and tranquil color adds life to a room and makes other colors around it look more vibrant. Just the addition of green plants to a room makes a difference!

Bright green, like you find in baby grass or spring growth, is vibrant and looks good when paired with other bright colors, like bright yellow,  pink, or white.

Greens can have more yellow in them and therefore be more like moss, lime, or olive green; or they can have more blues in the mixture and be more teal, aqua or mint.

Sage green has more gray, giving a relaxed feel.  This family room (pictured below) has sage green walls that change with the lighting, but always appealing and soothing.

Regardless of the green you select for walls or furnishings, the overall shade will change with the amount of natural light and incandescent light bulbs in the room. Remember that light bulbs add a yellow cast, therefore more yellow will appear in the green. Earthy greens, those with more yellow or gray, tend to look good in sunny or artificial lighting.

Go ahead!  Let the color of green bring life into your room!


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