Dark Chocolate or Milk Chocolate?

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Brown in a room can be very sleek and modern, very earthy and masculine, or very soft and romantic.

Dark brown is like dark chocolate…rich! Pair it with whites or creams and you want to melt into it. A bedroom in shades of brown can be very tranquil and romantic. Add white, billowy draperies and the room envelopes you.

With the addition of Robin egg blue the room takes a cool, yet calm feel. Adding pink or coral gives the room a youthful, more modern look. Try bursts of apple green for a shot of the unexpected!

Coffee, espresso, latte. Those are names often found describing accessories and fabrics. They are all shades of brown that are very popular.

Brown is an earthy color found throughout the world. You will find abundant shades of brown whether in the desert, sandy beaches or mountains. Look around at what nature provides you as a source of colors that combine well with brown. For a jump-start, think of autumn leaves in shades of golds, reds, and greens, shades of blues from the sky and oceans, and all the shades of leaves against tree bark. You can’t go wrong!

Libraries and studies are beautiful in dark brown as long as the furniture shows up. Don’t place dark furniture against dark brown walls or the furniture will disappear! White trim provides a clean contrast. The heaviness of the dark brown gives a definite masculine feel to the room but accessories and fabrics in soft pastel colors can soften that.

When using monochromatic colors, like all shades of brown, make sure you introduce a lot of texture to the room. You need softness, like in chenille or silk fabrics; texture, as in tweed fabrics, sisal rugs or baskets; shininess, like in glass or metallic finishes. Place some river rocks in a bowl or glass container. Texture becomes much more important!

So take your pick…dark chocolate or milk chocolate?






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