The Yellow Brick Road

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Sunshine. Daffodils. Wheat fields. Candlelight. Cheesecake. Pots of gold. What do these items have in common? They are all shades of yellow. Yellow is a happy color. In fact, the smiley face is YELLOW!

Yellow is the new neutral. No longer do you need to paint walls beige or white to be neutral. A soft yellow is the perfect backdrop for so many colors that can be used in decorating, and is gorgeous against rich, dark wood furniture.

Nurseries have long been painted yellow when the sex of a soon-to-be-born baby is unknown, with soft blues or pinks added once the baby arrives.

Kids and teens often have bedrooms in bolder shades of yellow, with the bold pops of lime green, navy, black, or any other strong colors that works with selected fabrics.

In this family room, yellow is used on walls with a rug in black and gold scrolls, caramel colored leather wing back chair and a chair upholstered in a large print of golds, browns and black. Casual sophistication in limited colors, yet far from dull.

A combination of blues and yellows create a beautiful classic look in bedrooms and living rooms. These toiles fabrics deliver an elegance that can be done in abundance for a true sense of luxury.

Because of  the attached screened porch and canopy of trees outside, this basement received very little natural light so walls painted a soft sunny yellow brought the sunlight in.

Kitchens, especially when there are few windows, or if the kitchen is on the north side where light is limited, do well with yellow walls. Imagine breakfast in a sunny room. It helps start your day!

There are a few words of caution when selecting yellows for your walls.

  • Go paler than you think. Natural light and incandescent light bulbs magnify the yellow so the walls can end up looking brighter. Remember how a photograph taken of a room at night with lamps on ends up looking very yellow? That happens whether a photograph is being made or not.
  • Yellows tend to look better when there is a little bit of brown in it versus a green undertone. Yellows with too much green in them can be difficult to live with. Buttery yellows and golden yellows tend to be calmer.
  • Be careful to not be too bold! You don’t want the room to be shocking and electrifying!

Go ahead! Paint your walls yellow! Bring some sunshine into your day!



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