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Here are some great little tips, tricks and hints to make your interior decorating professional and fun! These are the past tips of the weeks:

Before you paint a piece of furniture clean it with window cleaner WITH VINEGAR! It will cut the dirt, grease, smoke, etc. and allow the paint to adhere.

Don’t fill every spot on your walls with artwork. Give your eyes a place to “rest”.

Group collections for greater impact. A collection of shells and other seashore items look best when grouped attractively on a shelf or table rather than placed individually around the house.

If your ceilings are low, painting ceiling trim the same color as your walls will make the ceilings look higher.

Mirrors reflect at 90 degree angles so make sure when you hang a mirror that you are reflecting what you want to reflect. A mirror on a mantle may only reflect your ceiling fan. Make sure you know what you will reflect from different angles before you hang that mirror!

Monochromatic (shades of the same color) flowers in a vase make more impact than assorted colors.

Texture is important to a beautiful room. Items such as glass or mercury provide shine, baskets and sisal rugs give rough textures. Fabrics…wool, tweed, leather, satin, chenille, silk, etc. add more than color…they add texture.

When considering a new purchase of furniture and not sure it will fit in your room, put masking tape on the floor in the place you intend to put it and using accurate measurements and then “walk” around the tape to see if it works. If you get tired of walking around the tape then you will tire of a piece of furniture there. Don’t purchase it!

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